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T-shirt digital printing series solution 

Application scope:
Mass order of T-Shirt
The oval digital printing machine is combine with the traditional oval screen printing machine to achieve the process of traditional screen such as water slurry, glue, ink, flocking, foaming, glitter, three-dimensional, gel, cracking and metal processes at the same time , It can also take the advantages of digital printing with high precision, non-plate making, bright colors, and diversified performance to meet the demands of garment and piece printing.
 It is a collection that achieving all advantages of that traditional printing process and modern digital printing process.

Why choose Textalk oval digital printing solution?
Textalk digital printer is adopt the industrial StarFire 1024 which is the only one printhead which can be removed to watch and repair in the world. Textalk is one of the few manufacturers that can produce four-color and six-color (CMYK-GR optional) digital printing equipment in the industrial digital printing field. There are 4 series products to meet the needs of different customers from entry-level pattern-making to mass production, and support the upgrade of the same series products.
In 2019, Textalk has launched the world's fastest oval digital printing machine TFR924, with a maximum print size of 2250pxx2500px, which confirmed the oval digital printing is in the leading position.
Ink and process solution:
Textalk graphic technology company is one of the few digital equipment manufacturers that can provide a complete set of textile ink and process solution in China. It has continuously explored in the field of pigment ink and printing process solutions and continuous improvement to became an expert of pigment ink.

After-sales service:
Provide user with 24-hours online & on-site service by regional technician,engineer and account executive to solve the customer problems in a timely manner. After-sales managers should visit customers from time to time and build a service evaluation system and continuously improve the service quality.

High Temperature Disperse Direct Printing
The integrated solution of high-Temperature dispersion digital direct-jet printing.

Application scope:
Textile printing manufacturers and fabric dealers
Brighter colors:
Compared with traditional dispersion direct- jet printer, the high-temperature dispersion direct jet printer can print out the colors more brighter and improve the color gamut as well as the saturation under the circumstances of same ink level and same printing conditions. The finished coating after printing shows more brilliant and vivid. Almost as accuracy as direct jet printing on papers.
2.Better print quality
High-temperature dispersion direct jet printing solution is specially designed for direct jet fabrics. The precise ink drop control technology and ink drop stabilization technology, combined with the high-temperature dispersion pre -treatment process can ensure that ink maintains the shape of the drop after entering the fabric and does not diffuse into the fabric to reach high precision digital direct-jet printing.
3.High temperature dyes brings ultra-high fastness
High temperature dispersion direct jet printing with its related high temperature dyes can improve at least 1-2 levels of color fastness, which compare with traditional dispersion direct jet printing or the heat transfer process,especially under the environment of such as outdoors, raining and rubbing , the differences are more obvious.
Perfectly printing on deep dark color fabric.
Due to the high color density and improved color gamut, the high temperature dispersion direct jet printing solution can ensure the dark background printing medium is enough dark under the same ink volume, and also can ensure the coating patterns are more accuracy and realistic on light printing media.
4.Better penetration
High temperature dispersion direct jet works with penetration printing process can permeated print on a variety of chemical fiber fabrics. It looks extremely similar on the reverse side frontal side of fabric. Compare with traditional dispersion direct jet printing, the high -temperature printing can economize ink and has better penetrated ability.

Content of solution:
Pre- treatment process:
All the fabrics needs to be sized before process with digital direct jet printing, you can choose a suitable sizing machine according to the order quantity and the input cost.






Eoonomical type

Small sizing machine

Drying machine



Large type

Large Sizing machine

Setting machine



Digital printing process

Textalk will recommend the best suitable digital printer to customers according their products and the requirement of fabric process. Below are TK series and TF series of high temperature direct jet printer.


TK series

TF Series




Minimum Ink drop



Ignition frequency



Printing width


1800mm, 3200mm




Weight of machine



TK series printers adopt Kyocera's high-precision nozzles, which are suitable for high-precision digital printing and it is the highest precision and fastest industrial nozzles currently.
TF series printers adopt StarFire nozzles, it is only one industrial printhead that can be can repaired and it is with high spraying force and low operation cost.

Assistant equipment
For large-scale production digital printing factories, Textalk provides best solution of a complete digital printing production system which includes feeding brackets, centering feeding system ,drying systems and cloth collecting systems.

Pre-treatment solution

A pecial high-temperature disperse pre-treatment agent, It is a water-soluble powder with characteristics of easy storage,space saving, low cost etc.

Mixing this powder with water following a appropriate ratio, different fabrics and printing effects shall requires different volume of this mixed solution.Normally 100KG solution can process 700-1000M fabric (it depends on the fabric type and also the thickness of fabric)

Post-treatment fixation.

The high-temperature disperse direct jet solution can choose three different post-treatment methods for color fixation,Textalk will customize the most appropriate  post-treatment method according to the customer’s specific operation.








Roller Colouring machine



Baking (drying)type

Baking(drying) colouring machine



Steaming type

Steaming box




About ink

The ink is special high-temperature disperse dye ink.There are up to 10 colors which are combinations of C,M,Y,K,BL,R,LM,LK as well as fluorescent Y /M. the inks has following characteristics:

High printing quality

Less color smog

High grade color fastness

Ink volume saving

Suitable for variety color process.


Solution application

  1. Textile printing companies and fabric dealers

Applicable models: TK series / TF series

Ready-made garment digital white ink solution options:

Option 1. single/ dual station white ink digital direct to garment ( TFD series)
1.TFD503 light color garment 50pcs/hour & dark color garment 25pcs/hour
2.TFD506 light color garment 120pcs/hour & dark color garment 60pcs/hour
3.TFD512 light color garment 200pcs/hour & dark color garment 105pcs/hour

Assistant equipment