What is the quotation for T-shirt digital printing machine?
T-shirt printer, also known as universal flat-panel printer or flat-panel printer, breaks through the bottleneck of digital printing technology, and realizes the real one-off printing, no plate making, and one-time completion of full-color images. It is a replacement product of traditional printing machines.

Realize the computer data output to the T-shirt printer and directly spray print on the object!

1. Pictures can be sprayed on any material. Such as T-shirt, towel, scarf, cotton clothes, etc.

2. Height of printed object: 0~20cm

5. No intermediate consumables. Such as: transfer paper, crystal glue, crystal film, high-temperature adhesive tape, heat transfer equipment

6. Product scope of application: A. franchise stores, photo galleries, wedding studios, scenic spots, hospitals, schools, etc;

T-shirt printer price T-shirt printer how much is a T-shirt digital printing machine quotation

The price of T-shirt printer is related to the size of equipment and the number of brand nozzles

Small T-shirt printers are generally about 10000-30000

40000-60000 medium-sized T-shirt printers

Large format T-shirt printers generally cost more than 70000-100000 yuan。

What is the quotation for T-shirt digital printing machine?